• Incredible Montessori-Inspired Childcare At Home

    CozyKin specializes in Nanny Shares for newborns to toddlers that provide the personalized care and convenience of a nanny with the structure and socialization of a daycare.

  • The Best of Both Worlds

    Personalized Care + Important Socialization

    Personalized Care of a Nanny

    • Individualized care led by highly trained nannies
    • Dedicated Care Concierge to support your family 
    • Curated milestone Montessori-inspired activities
    • In-home care

    Socialization of a Daycare

    • New BFFs for your little one
    • Neighborhood play dates and events
    • Outdoor adventures
    • Community of local parents

    Reliable Care

    • No waitlists
    • Trained and vetted nannies employed by CozyKin
    • Back-up care available
  • Childcare Should Be Easy

    The CozyKin team is with you every step of the way.

    Reserve Your Care

    Share your needs with CozyKin and reserve care months in advance, helping you enjoy the newborn days and a subsequent worry-free return to work.


    Match With A Family

    We go beyond just schedules and locations and do our best to match the right personalities and styles. Once we identify a match, you'll meet and decide if it's right for you. Over 90% of our families loved their first match. But if you believe you are not compatible, CozyKin will work to match you with another local family.


    Meet Your Nanny

    CozyKin employs top-quality nannies educated and trained on our Montessori-inspired approach. Like your match family, we carefully select a nanny for you. You'll review their profile and qualifications and meet them in-person to determine if they'll be a good fit for your family.


    Start Your Care

    Transition back to work and enjoy incredible in-home, Montessori-inspired care with support from your CozyKin care team.


  • Why Parents Choose CozyKin

    "CozyKin is the best of both worlds: personalized care of a nanny and socialization of daycare."


    Lindsey & Ben

    "I came home from work to hear my baby laugh in a way that I had never heard her laugh before!"


    Jackie & Bill

    "We both grew up with siblings. We've really seen Rose develop socially by having another friend to play with."


    Emily & Matt

  • The Fifth Trimester & CozyKin

    Lauren Smith Brody’s book, The Fifth Trimester, has been an inspiration to working moms everywhere and is the ultimate guide to style, sanity and success after baby. But her work is much, much more than this incredible book—it’s a movement to help new parents and businesses work together to create better working environments for families. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with her on this quest!


    At CozyKin, we take great pride in providing quality childcare so parents can return to work with ease. We’re thrilled to have found a partner who’s just as passionate about our mission and we are excited to make real change together.


    Stay tuned for more information on our partnership and upcoming events. (You just might catch Lauren at one in New York!)

  • Day in the Life of a CozyKin Nanny Share

    CozyKin Nannies personalize each day according to our Montessori-inspired child-led framework, customizing timing and activities based on your little one's individual needs and pace.



    9am — Breakfast

    Your CozyKin Nanny greets you at home and welcomes your partner family’s child. After goodbyes from parents, the little ones enjoy a breakfast prepared by their nanny with their favorite sing-alongs playing in the background.


    10am — Nap Time

    After putting the little ones down, their nanny preps for the day, preparing snacks, washing bottles and organizing activities.

    11am — Snack Time

    Upon waking, the little ones enjoy a fresh and healthy snack.

    12pm — Lunch

    Your nanny provides a lunch-prep demonstration to encourage practical skill development. The little ones eat lunch and get ready to embark on an outdoor activity.

  • 2pm — Playground

    An adventure in the park brings a host of child-led activities and engagement with other CozyKin little ones, from bubbles to tummy time to drum playing.

    3pm — Nap Time

    After an exciting afternoon, it’s time to return home for a nap. While the little ones rest, their nanny does a load of their laundry, prepares a fresh snack and cleans the play area, among other tasks.

    4pm – Snacks & Play

    After a snack, the little ones enjoy more sing-alongs while creating mess-free painting masterpieces as gifts for their parents.


  • Speak with a CozyKin Care Concierge

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