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Here's to the Nanny!

7 ways to say "thank you" during Nanny Appreciation Week (and beyond!)

By Erin Ollila

Did you know that Nanny Appreciation Week is coming up? This is a week devoted to celebrating awesome nannies everywhere who play such a pivotal role in families’ lives. At Guidepost at Home, we know just how amazing nannies are and can’t wait to show our Guidepost at Home Nannies some extra love during Nanny Appreciation Week.

If you’re looking for ways to show your nanny just how special they are to you and your little one, here are seven ways you can celebrate them.

1. A Floral Delivery

Beautiful blooms are the perfect gift for any occasion. If you know your nanny’s favorite, have them delivered to her home with a nice note on a day she isn’t working. It will be such a nice surprise.

Remember, fresh-cut blooms aren’t your only option. A flowering plant or hearty greenery is a long-lasting gift! Need suggestions? According to The Flower Expert, a hydrangea “symbolizes heartfelt emotions.” It can be used to express gratitude for being understood. Sunflowers, which are in season during Nanny Appreciation Week are said to symbolize adoration and dedication, which is exactly how your nanny feels about their role in your little one’s life!

2. A Spa Day

It’s your nanny’s job to take care of other people. A nice way to say thank you is giving them the tools to take care of themselves. Plus, who doesn’t love getting pampered? Plan a whole spa day for your nanny. Think: a facial, massage, pedicure, manicure, and a hair treatment! Schedule appointments, pay ahead of time, and just tell your nanny where and when to show up!

Or if you think they’d prefer to pick their own treatments, a gift certificate to your nanny’s hair salon or the best local masseuse will ensure your nanny will enjoy some time to relax and practice a little self care.

3. A Framed Picture

Your little one isn’t simply a “job” for your nanny. Children become special people in a nanny’s life, and a picture of your children—especially if the nanny is in it—makes a memento that can be cherished now, and for years to come.

Rachael Bernstein, a former Guidepost at Home Nanny and current Guidepost at Home HQ team member says, “I love getting cards and pictures of me with the kids. It's nice to have something tangible to remind you of your time together."

4. Time for Fun

Whether it’s tickets to a baseball game for your nanny and a friend or a gift card for dinner and drinks with their spouse, a planned event will give your nanny some time to unwind and enjoy the adults in their life. Sure, they love spending time with your children, but chances are they need a little grown up conversation, too.

If your nanny has worked with you for some time, you’ll know their favorite ways to unwind after work. If they’re new to your home, take a chance and pick a restaurant you love. Don’t be shy to ask what their hobbies are, either. It’s a great way to get to know them (and come up with gift ideas!).

5. Words of Appreciation

While material gifts are a great way to celebrate the nanny in your life, another way to show your gratitude is to tell them directly how much they mean to you and your family. Take some time to write them a letter thanking them that details how much their involvement in your child’s life has meant to you.

Positive thoughts are great to share all through the year, but a kind note is something your nanny will treasure now and in the future.

Nadya Ramírez, a former nanny and current Guidepost at Home HQ team member says, "It feels very good when people acknowledge the ways you helped their family. When I saw the kids [I used to nanny for] this summer, the middle one said ‘Mama, we are good kids because Nadya was strict with us' and then he said ‘Thank you,’ while hugging me, and then I cried. Really recognizing the work is super important."

6. A Gift from Your Child

Depending on their age, it would be great to get your little one involved. If they’re able to communicate, ask them to share what they love most about their nanny and record their thoughts. Encourage your child to draw a picture of themselves with their nanny.

Don’t worry if your little one is too small to create something on their own. You can help them out! Pair a poem with painted handprints or a finger-painted canvas for a creative gift. Have a super young baby? Record a video of them and perform a voice over for what you think your baby might be thinking about their nanny. Your nanny will love your creativity.

7. More Experiences with the Children

Has your nanny been mentioning something she’d like to do with the children, like a trip to the beach or an amusement park? If so, encourage it! Memories are made in the moments, and while structure and learning activities are important in any family and nanny relationship, play time is vital for relationship building and memory making.


Bernstein says, "The children in our lives stay with us, the ones we've been with for years and the ones we only cared for a short time. As much as I like being appreciated by the family, what I appreciate more is being given the opportunity to be a part of the lives of my kids. For me, it's less about getting a tangible gift, but more importantly having experiences with my kids that they and I can remember."


Your nanny deserves to be spoiled for Nanny Appreciation Week. Whatever you do to celebrate the relationship between your nanny and little one, know that it will mean a lot to them.

Nannies fill the world with love, understanding and knowledge. They help little ones thrive and give parents much-needed peace of mind. We 👏 and 🙌 every awesome nanny out there and thank them for playing such a pivotal role in families' lives. We have TOO much to celebrate to wait for Nanny Appreciation Week so we’re making it Nanny Appreciation Month!

Erin Ollila studies the human perspective, and likes to consider herself an emotional archeologist. After receiving her MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University, she launched a digital marketing career focusing on the business owner, employee, and customer experiences. When she's not writing or strategizing for big brands and small businesses, you can find her enjoying family time in southeastern MA with her husband and three children — all of whom are in different age groups (13, 4, and almost one. Oh my!)

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