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Our Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

How to Baby Shower like a Boss!

Finding the right baby shower gifts is a heated debate in my household. My wife believes in sticking to the registry while I think there’s merit going rogue and putting more thought behind it.

Huge thanks to our friends at Boston NAPS who collaborated with us for this list.

We hope you find this list helpful!

  • Miracle Blanket – This is perfect for getting a nice tight swaddle for your newborn when they are waking themselves up from their startle reflex. The extra flaps help to keep them snug and are great for babies who are busting out of their regular swaddle blankets overnight.
  • Medela Quicksteam Bags – These are so convenient for the pumping mom! They are super simple – put some water inside with your pump parts and place it in the microwave. These bags disinfect in about 3 minutes and each bag can be used up to 20 times.
  • Zutano Newborn Baby Booties – Instead of buying 20 pairs of baby socks, all you need is 1 cute pair of booties. Baby socks fall off and easily get lost. This unique design, with two snap buttons is the solution! They come is fun colors, cute patterns and sizes for as your baby grows.
  • Triple Paste – You will want a tub of this on hand when you bring your newborn home. This is our top choice for treating a diaper rash, or raw and irritated skin.
  • Boppy Lounger – This is a great place to put your baby down to lounge in during the day. The fabric is soft and easy to wipe clean and the pillow is the perfect accessory to travel with, or move from room to room, as a safe and comfortable place for your baby to relax.
  • HaaKaa – This is the most popular item we see in the homes of our breastfeeding moms! The pump can be worn on your breast while you nurse your baby on the opposite side, and it’s increased capacity lets moms express even more milk at once. Also quite helpful for traveling and on-the-go pumping.
  • UPPAbaby MINU Stroller – This portable, lightweight stroller is the solution for our parents who are living and traveling around the city. It has a one-handed action fold and shoulder carrying strap so you can take it anywhere. Bonus, it has a roomy basket for your diaper bag or running errands!
  • Marpac Hussh Portable Sound Machine – Talk about some white noise! This tiny little sound machine makes the perfect white noise for your sleeping baby. It has a clip for traveling so you can easily attach it to your car seat or stroller on the go.
  • Overnight Diapers – Eventually you will stop changing your little one’s diapers overnight. Be sure to have some overnight diapers on hand! These extra padded diapers will get you through the night and last up to 12 hours. While there are many overnight diapers, we enjoy Pampers.
  • NUK storage bags – As you pump and store milk, you will need a sturdy bag for stockpiling milk. These bags do the trick! Be sure to date your breastmilk and write the amount on the bag, because breastmilk expands once it is frozen and it will look like there is more in the bag then there is.
  • 4moms Breeze Plus Playard – This pack n play is truly the best. It’s roomy for the baby, not bulky or heavy to carry and folds up and sets up with ease. (One push, one pull!)
  • Fisher Price Swing – You will likely want a swing at some point for your baby, and while there are many choices, this one gets the job done, is a good price, and has good motions and music. The swing can go head to toe, or side to side and babies love the mirror and mobile that rotates above them.
  • Baby Bjorn Bouncer Chair – This is the perfect, natural bouncer. It has three settings that are easy to adjust from an upright bouncer to a reclined sleep position. BONUS – it can lay flat for easy storage and travel. You can add the wooden toy bar for entertainment as well!
  • Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – If you don’t know by now, Boston NAPS loves the Merlin. This is a great solution for babies who are transitioning from a swaddle, but still want a cozy and safe sleep environment. This is one product that our parents consistently use and come back to us excellent reviews and satisfaction rates!
  • Mustella 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash – Try not to get addicted to the smell of your baby after a bath with this body wash! It is a tear-free cleanser and is safe and gentle for your newborn. It is also quite convenient to have the 2-1 feature, especially for travel.
  • The Gift of Sleep, a New Mom Support Group, or Breastfeeding Support – What makes a better gift, than any of the above? Purchase a Boston NAPS Gift Card, and give a unique and thoughtful gift for someone expecting.

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