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Happy Nanny, Happy Family 

Why Guidepost at Home Nannies are Full-Time Employees

What if we could help new parents find quality care that would allow them to return to work with peace of mind? What if we could help those who want a career caring for and teaching little ones find job stability? Those are the questions that drove the start of Guidepost at Home. We wanted to create a childcare option that let both families and nannies thrive.

We knew families could find a private nanny by searching care websites or through personal referrals. They could use a matching service, a placement service or other options. We knew there were also a few different ways to employ nannies. If you’ve ever done your own nanny search, you know this all too well. We knew the way that we chose to employ our nannies would be key in making our business work for not just for nannies, but for families. We got a lot of advice on the matter (some pretty forceful advice at times) but we decided to go against the grain. We took the hill.

That “hill” was choosing to employ our nannies as what they are—employees. They’re part of our team. They’re not contractors, not freelancers...not someone we need from time to time. We chose to onboard all nannies as W-2 employees, making them a real part of our team, our of families’ team...of little ones’ lives. Yes, this makes things more difficult for operations (for one, it costs our company more money to operate). But for us—Guidepost at Home, Guidepost at Home Nannies and Guidepost at Home Families—the pros outweigh the cons.

Guaranteed Quality of Care

Since we employ nannies rather than simply matching a family with a nanny they would employ, we own the full employment process from start to finish. We handle the screening, interviewing and vetting process. We conduct extensive background checks, ensure up-to-date immunizations and CPR certifications and conduct reference checks specific to care of infants and toddlers.

All of this ensures we bring only the best nannies into our community. From there, we make sure those in the fold remain the best. Guidepost at Home Nannies receive continuous training in childhood professional development and on our Montessori-based curriculum. We’re able to do this by coordinating care schedules accordingly and setting aside days for training.

Happy Nanny, Happy Baby, Happy Family

Another reason we invest in training is to invest in those who want to be a career nanny; who want to guide learning and help little ones thrive. Daycares used to be the option that offered a focus on early education and job security. So we created Guidepost at Home to offer both. We help make early education a viable profession for more individuals by providing training and continuous education so Guidepost at Home Nannies are always advancing. Plus, by choosing to employ nannies full-time, we eliminate instability and provide better job security.

We do this by creating nanny shares that are true matches. We spend a lot of time thinking about nannies’ and families’ preferences. We go beyond just schedules and locations, but try our best to match the right personalities and styles. Because of this, our shares are true matches versus just placements; making it more likely they will stick for the long term. It’s a self-healing network—if a match doesn’t work, we will find one that does. Plus, when the little ones grow up (something they unfortunately insist on doing) and are ready for school, that doesn’t mean their nanny is out of a job. They remain a Guidepost at Home Nanny and take advantage of the training we offer while we find them a new baby and new family—all with no lapse in pay.

In addition to better job security, employing nannies also allows us to provide a better place to work overall. We can provide consistent work schedules, overtime options, healthcare, dental and vision benefits as well as paid time off. And because we employ nannies full-time, we can provide flexible schedules to our families. We can provide full-time care as well as 2 – 5 day options for families. It also allows us to provide backup care. If your nanny is sick or has a doctor’s appointment, another Guidepost at Home Nanny can fill in—a comfort for both nannies and families.

“I like Guidepost at Home because someone is always available when I need them. Backup care is great. If I have to take a sick day, I know the family that I work with will be okay.” Tarina, Guidepost at Home Nanny

Keep the Focus on the Children

When your little one arrives, it takes time to process your new normal and even the thought of returning to work can be flat out overwhelming. Now top that off with trying to find the right childcare and having to worry about the details like taxes, health benefits and workers’ compensation insurance (Massachusetts requires you have it!). It’s a lot. A big reason we take it all on—paychecks, insurance, taxes and benefits—is so families can focus on what matters most, quality care for their children.

Full time nanny

Create a Community

Since we have a consistent team of full-time nannies, we’ve been able to connect them together and form neighborhood nanny circles that get together for play dates and fun outings on a regular basis. This creates a community for the nannies but also for the children in their care. It adds extra socialization for the little ones both with other children and with other nannies (backup care is a breeze when a little one has already met the substitute nanny).

Guidepost at Home Nannies support each other through other ways as well, leaning on each other for support and ideas for fun activities. They’ve built a team all their own and it’s been amazing to watch them form a team.

“Guidepost at Home Nannies really feel a sense of community. One time, a nanny was having trouble getting her two little ones out the door, so a fellow nanny came over every day for a week to help her nail down a routine.”

Sandra Valdez, Head of Care Management

Guidepost at Home Nannies have each other and they also have Guidepost at Home. Every nanny has a dedicated Guidepost at Home team manager, meaning they always have support. Families have the same. When we created Guidepost at Home, we wanted to create a full-circle community of nannies, families and our headquarters team. And choosing to employee Guidepost at Home Nannies the way we do is an important cornerstone that lets us do just that.

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