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How to Find a Nanny: Your Resume Checklist

Here’s what to look for in a nanny resume

Ok, you’ve cast your net for a nanny and now you have a stack of resumes (or more likely, a loaded inbox) to sort through. How do you narrow down the candidates to interview? At Guidepost at Home, our Care Recruitment team sorts through thousands of nanny resumes each week (so you could say they know a thing or two about what to look for!). To start, our team finds it most helpful to break down the criteria you're looking for in a nanny into three buckets: Experience, Reliability and Education and Training.

Before we dive into these buckets, it’s important to note that many great nannies don't have professional resumes—that’s okay! At Guidepost at Home, we see this all the time. Just because a nanny doesn't have the same resume style or format of say, a marketing professional, it doesn't mean they're not a fantastic nanny. As long as a nanny candidate can provide something that shows their work history and experience—whether that’s a profile, a letter or another format—that’s all you need.

Download our Nanny Resume Checklist to guide your resume review!

Experience & Job History

First, you’ll want to look for how much childcare experience a nanny candidate has overall as well as experience with multiple children. You’re looking for a nanny who can take care of two children at once so it’s best to look for someone who has done a nanny share before or has worked at a daycare. Some private nannies might only have experience with one child. Two-on-one care is quite different than one-on-one and requires a certain skill set.

What to look for:

  • Experience caring for multiple children at the same time. 
  • Experience caring for children the same age of the children in your share (i.e. infants, toddlers, etc)
  • Additional relevant or related job experience (babysitter, soccer coach, tutor, mentor at after-school programs, etc.)


In addition to job history, you’ll also want to pay attention to how long the nanny was in each position. Working with a family for less than a year is a red flag. It’s important that you look for consistency—this will bode well for reliability and is a good indicator of a quality caregiver. At the very least, look for a very reasonable reason as to why a certain job was cut short. You don’t want a nanny that has bounced around from family to family.

What to look for:

  • At least one year of experience working consistently in the same role (whether at a daycare or with a family)
  • Three professional references (included on the resume or easily provided when requested)
  • A realistic commute. Pay attention to their home address and make sure it’s feasible for them to get to your home or partner family’s home every day.

Education & Training

Typically speaking, experience matters more in childcare than “traditional” education like a bachelor’s degree (but look for whatever is most important to you!). It’s also a good sign if nannies have certifications or training in early education, childcare and safety. It shows that not only do they have the skills needed to take care of your little one, but they also know how important training is and have made a conscious effort to get it.

What to look for:

  • Early education certifications and/or training
  • CPR and first aid certification 
  • Infant CPR and pediatric first aid certification
  • Additional relevant training (ex: water-safety courses, positive discipline training, etc)
Make sure to look for the dates certifications were received and/or will expire!

Guidepost at Home Pro Tip:
Look for a summary of why they love being a nanny and the skills that make them a great one. It doesn’t have to be a well-crafted essay, but anything that shows their genuine love for children and enthusiasm for the job is a great sign.

There you have it! You should now be ready to tackle those resumes. For help as you go, download our Nanny Resume Checklist for all of these items in one easy-to-use checklist. Happy vetting!

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