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Drop-Off Checklist

What You Need for Your Nanny Share

Your nanny is onboard. Your start date is set. You’ve purchased all the baby gear you’ll need (Not sure? Check out our baby checklist!). Your nanny share is ready to roll!

Now it’s time to plan the details. What do you need to kick off your nanny share? What do you need to drop off each week? Pack each day? We have you covered! At Guidepost at Home, our Family Experience team works closely with our families to make sure everyone has what they need for a successful nanny share before it starts. There are a lot of meetings, phone calls and guides we share to get them started. To help you kick off your nanny share the right way, we've taken all of our knowledge and learnings and created a simple Drop-Off Checklist to guide you.

Let's get packing! Print out our Drop-Off Checklist as your guide.

The Initial Drop Off

If you’ve decided to alternate hosting, each family would keep these larger items at each other’s home. If only one family is hosting, then the drop-off family would be the one to bring the items. Either way, it’s best to schedule a set-up day so you can get everything sorted and not have to worry about running out to get to work on time.

You'll need:

  • Highchair or booster seat 
  • Portable crib (pack ‘n play, travel bassinet, etc) 
  • White noise or sound machine 
  • Double stroller 

Weekly Drop Off

Each home should have designated space for the partner family to store items their little one will need for the week. This saves the drop-off parents from having to lug a lot items back and forth and the nanny will know where they can find everything (and not have to riffle through a bag every day).

You'll need:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Extra clothes
  • Bips 
  • Swaddling blankets or sleep sack
  • Sheets
  • Lovey (Only if you have extras! If your little one is attached to one in particular, that goes in your day bag)
  • Pacifiers (with a storage container)
  • Formula (if your formula is available in large containers)
  • Extra bottles
  • Silverware, plates and cups (most host families are happy to share what they have in their home, but if you’re particular, it’s best to pack your own)
  • Dish soap for bottles (again, if you’re particular)

Guidepost at Home Pro Tip
If only one family is hosting, everyday items like paper towels, toilet paper and dish soap will start to add up. Make sure both families are aware of what items the nanny and little ones use daily so you can each provide your fair share, whether that means the drop-off family brings paper towels every week or they pitch in some money at the end of every month.

Daily Drop Off

Once the bigger items are in place at the start of the nanny share and at the start of each week, your day bag only needs to contain what’s needed for the day at hand.

You'll need to pack:

  • Meals and snacks
  • Bottles 
  • Breastmilk or formula
  • Juice or other beverages 
  • Any backup items needed (for example, if your little one went through all of their bibs by Tuesday, then you should pack more to bring with you on Wednesday)

Worried you'll forget something? Print out our Drop-Off Checklist to guide your packing. Easy, peasy.

To learn more about Montessori Nanny Sharing with Guidepost at Home, click here.

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