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Pregnancy-Safe Workout Sequence

By Kayla Mehr

Working out while being pregnant is not only beneficial for the mom, but also for the growing baby! There is a long list of benefits of working out during your pregnancy, like better sleep at night and decreased aches and pains. The benefits* extend beyond pregnancy as well: mothers who workout during pregnancy typically have one-third shorter labors, require less emergency interventions and recover faster. In addition, babies born to mothers who have worked out throughout pregnancy scored better on stress tests during labor, have higher IQ scores when they are older and are able to better combat obesity later in life.

I'm thrilled to share a free no-equipment workout with you. It’s great for any trimester you are in, and will work even if you are years into your mom life! You can do this at the gym, a hotel when traveling or hanging out in your living room! It's a great total body workout that is safe and effective.

Each exercise should be done for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between each exercise.

Repeat as many rounds as time and energy allow.

For your first go round, shoot for hitting each exercise twice.

Workout Sequence:

  • Squats or squat jumps

  • Push ups (elevated or modified on knees if in trimester 3 and possibly 4)

  • Alternating bird dogs (table top position. Opposite arm & leg extension)

  • Jumping jacks

  • Dips (knees bent at 90 degrees to modify)

  • Alternating reverse lunge with front arm raise

  • Reverse Plank (knees bent for modified straight for more challenging)

  • Side plank (add hip drop to make more challenging)

*Source: "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy" by James Clapp III, MD and Catherine Cram

About Kayla

Kayla is the owner of Your Fit Mom, where she provides fitness training and nutrition for pregnant women. Kayla has been a personal trainer for over ten years and has been pre- and postnatal certified for five years. Over the course of her career, she has worked with many expecting moms. When she was expecting her first child, she noticed the conflicting and confusing information and advice that was given to women who wanted to know how to safely workout while pregnant. She dove in and extensively researched, interviewed doctors, nutritionists and moms to fully understand how working out affects mom and her growing baby.

Kayla has created a tried and true pre- and postnatal training program that is safe, effective and enjoyable. Not only does she keep her clients strong throughout their pregnancy, and she prepares them for the marathon of motherhood. She wants all moms to recover quickly and safely! She teaches mom and baby classes, stroller bootcamps, prenatal workshops around Boston, and also has an online training company where clients can workout from the comfort of their own home—affordably—regardless of location! Follow Kayla on Instagram: @your_fit_mom.

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