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Thank You, Nanny.

An open letter to all the amazing nannies out there

By Erin Ollila

Thank You, Nanny.

There are two small words that every nanny should hear from the families they work with — and often. Two simple words that can lift their mood, build confidence, and solidify the important role they play in your family’s lives.

Those two little words are thank you.

In honor of Nanny Appreciation Week, we want to take a moment to say thank you to all the amazing nannies out there.

Thank you for the investment you make every single day to help our little ones grow into kind, smart, happy individuals. You deserve to know how grateful we are, not just because we’re celebrating you this special week, but because we feel this way all year round.

Thank you for the long hours you work.

When you started working as a nanny, you knew it wouldn’t be a traditional job. But here you are waking up extra early and getting home late so you can make sure you’re in the door before we need to leave for our commute to work and that you’re there until we return at the end of the day. These hours are long, and can be tiring. But you always have a smile on your face, and you always keep your energy up for our children.

As parents, we know how hard it can be to schedule personal events, like routine doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping. So we want you to know how much it means to us to have you there to help us with our shifting schedule, especially because we know you have to figure these same priorities out for yourself on your own time.

Thank you for all the training you’ve received.

It’s so scary to leave your child with someone new! Of course, you’re not new anymore, but when we first started our childcare journey, we were anxious about allowing someone else to care for the most precious person in our lives.

But those fears were eased when we learned about your experience and all of the efforts you take to continue your education and training, such as always staying current on your CPR and First Aid trainings.

Now, we’re confident that our little ones are in the best hands — a nanny who cares deeply about their emotional, social, and physical growth. A nanny who takes steps to stay current and qualified. We appreciate this more than you know.

Thank you for educating our children.

The first five years of a child’s life involves so many major (and minor) developmental milestones. Thank you for guiding them through all of these moments of growth. With you in their lives, our children learn how to eat, speak (and sometimes more than one language!), walk, play, socialize, and more. You’re there to support structured learning and independent exploration.

On top of this, thanks for educating us and including us on everything our little ones experience. You always make us feel included, whether it’s by pinning their artwork to the fridge or sending pictures of your activities throughout the workday. You make us feel part of these moments of learning and growth, and for that we are forever thankful.

Thank you for being an extension of our parenting.

Thank you so much for following our lead. We know that you have far more experience with children, but you respected our parenting decisions, and let us guide you with what we felt was best for our children. From sleep to feeding to playtime, your being receptive to our wishes allows us to create a continuous family culture for our child, and that continuity of care helps our children to feel safe and grow as individuals, too.

With you, we knew our children would be safe as they experienced new things in their life, because you’ve always been so receptive to learn what’s important to us as parents.

Thank you for guiding us when we needed your knowledge.

Even though you’ve always done such a good job at following our lead, don’t think we haven’t appreciated all the times you spoke up when you thought you could be helpful. Your knowledge from working with children is immeasurable. You’ve ease our fears. You’ve addressed concerns, and you’ve cheered us on our parenting journey. While you may have years of experience working with children, this is all new to us. Having you present in our journey has made us more confident parents.

So, thank you.

Thank you today, tomorrow, and for all of the days we may forget to say it. Thank you for helping us raise our children.

Thank you.

Erin Ollila studies the human perspective, and likes to consider herself an emotional archeologist. After receiving her MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University, she launched a digital marketing career focusing on the business owner, employee, and customer experiences. When she's not writing or strategizing for big brands and small businesses, you can find her enjoying family time in southeastern MA with her husband and three children — all of whom are in different age groups (13, 4, and almost one. Oh my!)

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