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The Perfect Easter Basket Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

By Erin Ollila

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the idea of playing the role of the Easter Bunny for your baby or toddler? There are endless items you can put in the basket, but what will your little one like the best? You’re trying to avoid packing a basket full of candies and expensive toys — babies can’t even eat candy, and you want your toddler to limit their sugar intake!

First, take a deep breath. You’re doing an awesome job as a parent, and your little ones will love anything you put in their baskets! Have some fun being the Easter Bunny. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Keepsake Gifts

The baby and toddler years are a great time to start family traditions. Consider purchasing a personalized Easter basket that has your child’s name embroidered on it to use every year. Remember that part of the fun on Easter morning is seeing everything in the basket, so choose one that is wide instead of deep.

Another idea is to start a tradition of gifting one Easter book and one stuffed bunny or chick every year. A few weeks after the holiday, pack them away with your Easter decorations until you’re ready for them again the next year. That is — if your little one is willing to part with their new furry best friend.

Practical Gifts

Practical gifts make the best presents for your children. Babies, for example, don’t know anything about Easter traditions. The celebration is more for the parents to enjoy the first time they get to play the role of the Easter Bunny. Depending on the age of your baby, diapers, wipes, baby food, pacifiers, sippy cups, and bibs are smart gifts.

“When my son was a baby, I did Boogie wipes, character travel tissues, and baby cookies,” says mom Nicole Medeiros, in addition to age-appropriate toys.

Toddlers need practical items, too! If you’re in the potty training stage, training underpants or pull-up nighttime underwear would be a fun gift to get, especially if they have your child’s favorite characters on them. New toddler-sized cutlery and plates, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a nightlight are other gifts that are useful and needed.

Small Toys

What child doesn’t love toys? While you don’t want your children’s toy chests to overflow, there are many ideas that are perfect for play and learning, such as musical toys, like rattles or drums. Other options include stacking rings, wooden blocks, finger puppets, play silks, and puzzles.

Don’t forget about outside small toys like bubbles, balls, a butterfly wand, and sidewalk chalk.

For really little ones, fill plastic eggs with baby food puffs. They’ll love the rattle sound the eggs make, and they’ll be thrilled about the surprise inside.

Craft Supplies

Inspire creativity in your baby or toddler this Easter. A gift of non-toxic finger paints would be perfect for a baby. Clay, crayons, safety scissors, and paint-with-water books are smart options for toddlers, and children of all ages love stickers. Consider Colorforms if you have a child who loves to put stickers in all the wrong places.

Christine Scotti, mom of two, says, “This year my son is really into writing so I got him his own pad and pen to travel with. For my daughter, I got colored pencils and a coloring book.”

Seasonal Items

Spring and summer gifts are a hit at every age. If you like to spend time outdoors when the weather begins to warm up, put a light jacket, rain gear, or a stroller blanket in your baby’s or toddler’s basket. For summer-themed gift ideas, consider a beach towel, water shoes, and pediatrician-approved sunglasses.

Shana Giarrusso, mom of a toddler girl, says, “Last year I filled a beach pail with sunglasses, lotion, a bathing suit, and a spring outfit. This year, I’m adding new rain boots filled with bubbles, chalk and my daughter’s favorite fruit snacks. I’m hoping to add gardening gloves and tools into the mix!”

Are you looking for a big-ticket item to include in their Easter baskets? Consider getting a membership to a local zoo. You can spend time there as a family, and it’s somewhere your nanny can take your child during your work week, too.

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