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To Our Nannies: Thank You!

From the little things to the big milestones, here’s what Guidepost at Home Families appreciate the most

In honor of Nanny Appreciation Week, we asked our Guidepost at Home Families what they appreciated most about their nannies. We knew we’d feel the love, but we cannot stop smiling! There is no doubt that a nanny-family relationship is like no other and we could not be more proud to see the amazing bonds that have formed in the Guidepost at Home Community.

Share a Funny Story or Something That Made You Smile

“Initially Liam had a hard time when I would leave, but now he smiles and reaches out to Yvonne. Even when he's tired he is comfortable and feels safe with her, which makes us smile every day.” – The Gibbons & Roberts-Zirke Family

“When Aleyda arrives at our house in the morning, I love to see how excited and happy both kids are. [They] give her the biggest smile and can't run to the door fast enough!” – Guidepost at Home Mom, Emily

“We love to hear [our daughter] mimic Maria when she is speaking in Spanish. It really makes us smile to hear Maria say something to [her] in Spanish and then see/hear her respond properly—these are things we don't get to see at home!” – A Guidepost at Home Parent

“Annie posts hilarious photos of [the kids] scrambling over each other, hugging, exploring each others' faces or most recently, our favorite: feeding each other their bottles!” – Guidepost at Home Mom, Molly

“She used to have a way to get River to dance. She used to say “go River, go River, go River.” When we wanted him to dance we would have to say it the same way with her accent and it always worked like a charm.” – Frost & Wilson Family

If Your Little One Could Describe Your Nanny, What Would They Say?

“Playful and caring.” – Guidepost at Home Mom, Fiona

“Caring, thoughtful, funny and on top of it .” – Guidepost at Home Mom, Elana

“She makes me giggle!” – Guidepost at Home Parent

“She is my best friend.” – Frost & Wilson Family

“[My nanny] always lets me play outside and lets me do my thing, but is right by my side the split second I need her!” – Guidepost at Home Parent

“I love singing songs with Donna! She is so much fun to play with!” – Guidepost at Home Parent

“Evelyn is one of my best friends. She makes me smile when she sings and takes me on adventures outside.” – Guidepost at Home Mom, Christina

“BAAAAAAAA AHH!!!!! ‘This one is great!’” – Gibbons & Roberts-Zirke Family

“[My daughter] says to me every day ‘I love Aleyda.’” – Guidepost at Home Mom, Emily

“She makes learning fun, and takes me on so many exciting adventures!” – Guidepost at HomeParent

“Duke would say 'Alyssa is my best friend!’ She loves to come over and play games with me all day.' – Guidepost at Home Mom, Laura

How Does Your Nanny Listen and Watch for the Needs of Your Little One?

"She is always teaching them something new and maintaining discipline to keep them safe and well-behaved." – Guidepost at Home Mom, Fiona

"[She] has great intuition and helps us to see how [our son] is developing, and what things we could be doing at home to reinforce that development. Awesome for first time parents! And she is quick to console him in the morning when he is having a hard time saying goodbye." – Guidepost at Home Parent

"She is great at telling when the kids are tired, hungry, bored, need to use the bathroom, etc. Not sure how she manages 3 at once with such grace - I am amazed!" Guidepost at Home Mom, Emily

"She is very observant with [our daughter], how she eats, sleeps, etc. and she tries to manage [our daughter’s] schedule based on those observations." – Guidepost at Home Family

"Every day Annie stays late to tell us all about Vera's day, especially the little details like whether Vera liked the red peppers or how she's starting to practice waving hello, and Annie always has constructive ideas she shares with us about how we can all work as a unit to help Vera grow. – Guidepost at Home Mom, Molly

"When Alyssa joined our family Duke was only 3 months old so his needs have changed rapidly since then. She is always working on new ways to challenge him and celebrate his new skills like walking, turning the pages of a book and stacking toys. We love that she is comfortable taking initiative to help him with new skills." – Guidepost at Home Mom, Laura

"Jessica is so attentive to [our daughter's] needs and wants, and has so many little things she does for her - from wrapping her baby doll up in a rainbow blanket to take with them everyday to giving her a big hug every single morning and afternoon! I also really appreciate that she asks [our daughter] for help, encourages her to use words and manners, and reminds her how capable she is." - Quick Family

What Has Your Nanny Done Recently to Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty?

"In the past week, our nanny has switched host houses and dealt with fluctuating schedules and care needs, without missing a beat and keeping both babies naps on schedule! She's providing completely seamless, high-quality childcare for two families! She is so impressive!" – Guidepost at Home Family

"Daily. He was not an easy baby but she stuck through it with him and us and we are better off for having her." - Frost & Wilson Family

"She reads and studies Montessori principles and integrates them into [our son’s] life. It's amazing how well he's responding to her teaching." – Guidepost at Home Parent

"Every day Jessica goes beyond the call of duty. She takes our daughter to so many different places, including the aquarium, the Children's Museum, and the library. Every day is full of wonderful adventures! Recently she has been making sure our daughter gets lots of playdates, pretty much every day. She takes the time to arrange outings with other nannies so the kids can get great social time. I love how our daughter is getting to know so many other children and caregivers!" - Quick Family

Thank you, THANK YOU, Nannies! We know how special you are to our families and all the little ones in your care. We couldn’t do any of this without you. Happy Nanny Appreciation Week!

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