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    Why should I sign up for CozyKin?

    One of the hardest parts is finding a partner family with a similar schedule who lives near you and is currently seeking child care. Many families spend months posting on internet forums, printing flyers, and checking on Craigslist before giving up. Those who are pregnant become increasingly anxious, and those with nannies lose significant money - or their treasured nanny - while waiting.

    It's also tough to find a great nanny. You can spend weeks posting on babysitting websites or Craigslist, emailing questions to 60 responders, coordinating interviews, running background checks, calling references, and meeting two dozen people in coffee shops before finding a nanny who's a good fit.

    CozyKin will do that work for you, so you know what your best matches would be if you did it yourself. We also provide additional training to nannies and support to families to ensure you're ready to go.

    When should I sign up for CozyKin?

    We suggest signing up 2-7 months before you want to start care. The earlier you sign up, the better the family introductions that CozyKin can make for you and the more we can personalize childcare for you..

    If you need care ASAP and want to use CozyKin, we suggest finding temporary solutions while we arrange your primary full-time care.

    Is there a deposit?

    Nope! We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

    What if the family or the nanny isn't a good fit?

    Sometimes, it's just chemistry. We'll ask you how your meeting went and keep searching until we find a family and nanny you like.

    Whose house does the nanny go to?

    The two families will make a plan together that suits their needs. We will match you with a family that lives near you. In general, babies benefit from a stable environment with fewer changes, so we recommend that one family becomes the primary host. We will ask families their preference before matching them.

    Why does a nanny accelerate a baby's development?

    World experts of infant cognition at Harvard and MIT say that deep, focused attention from the same adult caregiver increases a baby's emotional development. Babies also learn faster from adults.

    What if I love my nanny and just want a partner family?

    Of course! Many families want to find a playmate for their baby while sharing costs with another family. We'll help you meet families who live nearby until you find one to partner with. If your partner family is not a good fit, we'll rematch you for free. Note that your nanny will have to go through the same background checks and interviews as our other nannies to be eligible.

    What if I have a partner family and just want a nanny?

    Yes that's great! We'll go over key questions to make sure you're both on the same page, and then we'll seamlessly find you a trusted nanny.

    Can a nanny be placed without being employed by CozyKin?

    Our nannies are all handpicked & trained as CozyKin employees. This benefits you with better quality of care, guaranteed placement and absolutely no need to handle hiring paperwork, However, you may have your nanny interview with us if you wish to participate in a CozyKin nanny share.

    What if one child gets sick?

    The plan for what happens if one child is sick, or other cases, is decided between the families and your nanny. We'll help you make plans for common cases in advance and write up a contract. The goal is to create a strong support system for the parents.

    How does CozyKin find a partner family?

    First, we will create a profile based on your preferences. These include your weekly care schedule, location, baby’s age, and how soon you want to start care. We will also ask if you prefer to host, so the nanny comes to your home. We have a few dozen questions for the profile to make sure you’re a great fit.

    Second, as we find great matches, we’ll show you their profiles. You can decide which ones you want to connect with. If both families are interested in meeting, we’ll ask if you want to exchange contact information to see if it’s a good fit. CozyKin will also provide a list of questions to discuss. Most families can make a yes/no decision over a few meetings within 7-10 days. If you pass, we'll keep searching for other families.

    Once you find a family that’s a great fit, congratulations! If you or your partner family already has a nanny you love, then you're done. If not, we’ll introduce your family pair to trusted nannies to complete your care team.

    What other work will my nanny do?

    The nanny may assist with cleaning and meal preparation for the baby. Although private nannies may assist with light household work, running errands, and preparing meals for the entire family, CozyKin encourages nannies to focus on children over other chores. In case you have special requests, we will ask for your preferences in our initial call to ensure we find families and nannies who can accommodate your needs.

    What if I find another child care option that I like better?

    If you decide to pass on CozyKin at any point before your nanny share starts, you'll get a total refund. If you're within the first 2 weeks of your nanny share, you'll still get a total refund of our service fee, although families will need to pay the nanny for the time she was working. Of course, our top priority is ensuring your nanny share is a success. That's why we offer 24/7 support and free rematching.

    How did CozyKin get started?

    We're friends from Harvard Business School, MIT, and Olin College of Engineering, who interviewed 107 new moms and 30 doctors before starting CozyKin. As children who grew up in nanny shares, we have personally experienced how transformative a nanny can be in a family's life.

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