• CozyKin Nanny Shares

    Our Nanny Shares provide the personalized care and convenience of a nanny with the socialization of a daycare. First, we match two local families based on needs and compatibility. Then, you’re paired with a nanny who aced our vetting process and fits your needs. Your child gets both personal attention and their very first best friend.

  • Montessori-Inspired Care

    We strongly believe in the power of play and baby-led learning. That's why CozyKin's care is focused around a Montessori-inspired curriculum that centers around activities tailored specifically for infants and toddlers.

  • Trusted Montessori-Inspired Curriculum

    Our nannies are trained using the NAMC method. Natural sensory, cognitive, language, social and cultural activities are at the core of these amazing guidelines.


    CozyKin Nannies Are Passionate Caregivers

    We interview thousands of nannies and select only the top-tier to join us as full-time employees of CozyKin.

    All CozyKin Nannies have experience working with infants and toddlers. Interviews are scenario-based in order to determine a nanny’s knowledge and confidence.

    CozyKin Nannies work with you to reflect your parenting style and adjust to meet the needs of your little one.

    Our nannies have completed successful background and references checks. They have also received CPR and First Aid training.

    CozyKin Nannies are trained to implement our Montessori-inspired curriculum of
    of child-led activities specifically designed for infants and toddlers.

  • Reserve Your Care

    Press the Play Button

    Once you submit your contract and put down your deposit, we start the matching process.

    Share Your Family Preferences

    Tell us about your schedule, hosting preferences, care needs, and parenting style in a quick survey.

    Introduce Yourself

    Write a bio about your family to be shared with your potential partner family.

  • Match With A Family

    Schedule a Time to Meet Up

    Find a time that works and focus on getting to know your potential partner family. Your CozyKin team will provide helpful interview questions and topics.

    Let Us Know What You Think

    Is it a match? If yes, fantastic! If not, no worries! We’ll find another family for you to meet.

  • Meet Your Nanny

    Share Your Nanny Preferences

    Tell us about your nanny preferences, your childcare needs and how you’d like your care personalized.

    Learn About Your Recommended Nanny

    Review the profile and qualifications of your recommended nanny, who has been selected and fully vetted by the CozyKin team.

    Get To Know Your Nanny

    You’ll meet your nanny in-person to determine if they'll be a good fit for your family.

  • Start Your Care

    Time to Babyproof

    The CozyKin Family Handbook provides easy-to-follow steps to help host families babyproof their homes.

    Setting up Communication

    CozyKin coordinates a shared chat platform with your nanny and partner family in order to share feedback and get daily updates on your little one.

    Finesse Your Care Over Time

    The CozyKin team is here to help you manage care by working directly with both families and nannies. At CozyKin, no one goes it alone.

  • We Protect Your Family

    We know your little one is incredibly precious, and that childcare is a matter of the utmost trust. This is why security is at the heart of everything we do.

    Extensive Background Checks

    • Checked against county, statewide, national, and federal criminal databases
    • Checked against sex offender and terrorist watch lists
    • Review of 7 year address history with SSN validation

    Rigorous Screening & Interviews

    • Comprehensive phone interviews
    • In-depth in-person interviews
    • Highly selective applicant pool
    • Up-to-date CPR certification
    • Minimum of 3 stellar childcare references, specific to infants and toddlers

    Worker's Compensation Insurance

    • Coverage for any injury that might happen to the nanny over the course of the job
  • CozyKin Pricing

    Your little one is special—their care should be as well! There are a few different factors that go into our pricing model, including how many days per week or hours per day you’ll need care. Our team is standing by to discuss all of your options and provide a more personalized quote.

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