• What is Nanny Share for All?

    What if you spent years building a custom service, worked hard to get customers to buy into your model and then just decided to….well…. give it all away for free? Sounds a little crazy, right? We think it sounds like the perfect way to exemplify what we’re all about—supporting new and expecting parents.


    We’ve created this Nanny Share for All toolkit to help families everywhere set up what we strongly believe is the best childcare option. It might be a little crazy to give away our “secret sauce,” but we take our values really seriously at CozyKin. And one of those values is leading with a Heart for Children, which means we do what's best for children period. In doing so, we also do what's best for parents, nannies and our community. We want every family and every little one to benefit from the socialization and personalization a nanny share can provide—even if we can’t be the ones to provide it.


    That’s why we’re sharing our vast knowledge and opening up our internal resources right here, to you.

    Our Nanny Share for All toolkit will provide the tools you need to set up a nanny share the right way to make sure your caregiver is happy, the families are happy, the little ones are thriving and everyone is set up for long-term success.

  • Nanny Share for All Toolkit

    By CozyKin

  • What is a Nanny Share?

    A nanny share can be defined a few different ways. A CozyKin Nanny Share is two littles ones being cared for by one nanny at the same time. It’s not two families splitting a nanny’s hours, but rather two families choosing to raise their little ones together.


    With a CozyKin Nanny Share, families get the convenience of a nanny and the little ones get personalized care and the socialization and structured learning of a daycare. We believe it’s the best of both worlds.

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