• Our Mission

    Solve America’s childcare shortage by creating an option that lets both families and nannies thrive. At CozyKin, our goal is to help children flourish, support new parents in their return to work and to provide competitive living wages and benefits to nannies.

  • About CozyKin

    CozyKin Nanny Shares provide the personalized attention and convenience of a nanny with the structure and socialization of a daycare. It’s the best of both worlds.

  • Our Story

    Our founders, Tatyana Gubin and Jeremy Au, grew up in nanny shares, and know first hand how much nannies can transform the lives of families.

    While researching postpartum depression, our founders uncovered that a huge source of anxiety for new parents was finding quality childcare. They also found that there was a childcare shortage specifically when it came to infants. And on the care side, they knew there weren't many options apart from daycares for those who wanted a career in early education.

    What if we could help new parents find quality care that would allow them to return to work with peace of mind? What if we could help those who want a career caring for and teaching little ones find job stability? Those are the questions that drove the start of CozyKin.


  • Values Matter

    Our organization's values are fundamental to our mission. They act as a guide to inform our decisions.

    Heart for Children

    We do what's best for the children in our care. In doing so, we also do what's best for parents, nannies and our community.

    Courage in Action

    We do the hard thing. We take the hill. We own our work. We get it done.

    Accelerating Together

    Change is constant. We choose to accelerate. We champion growth, both our own and CozyKin's. We empower others to do the same.

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