• CozyKin Benefits and Pricing

    CozyKin provides the convenience of in-home childcare with the quality of an education-based caregiver who seeks to promote your child’s growth and socialization.

  • Making The Choice For Childcare Easy

  • CozyKin Services

  • We Are By Your Side

    Your Experience Matters

    CozyKin Nannies are matched to your family based on your needs and preferences. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of services, let us know and we’ll coach your nanny. If you are not satisfied with the progress, we will match you with an alternative nanny at no additional cost.

    Enjoy Peace of Mind

    When you need childcare to start, you need childcare to start. Forget daycare waitlists. As soon as you are ready, we are ready. We start care when you need it.

    We're Here to Support You

    We work hard to provide quality childcare and we're here when you need us. Every family has direct access to a dedicated care concierge.

  • CozyKin Monthly Pricing

    Prices are determined by the number of days you need care as well as hours per day. Schedule a call with our team to receive a more personalized quote.

  • Boston Pricing

    Parents with 1 Child
    Monthly Price:
    5 Days: $2,750

    4 Days: $2,500

    3 Days: $2,000

    2 Days: $1,500

    New York City Pricing

    Parents with 1 Child

    Manhattan Monthly Price:

    5 Days: $3,100
    4 Days: $2,800


    Brooklyn Monthly Price:

    5 Days: $2,900

    4 Days: $2,600

  • These prices reflect 8 hours of care per day. If you need more hours of care per day, schedule a call to find time to speak with our Care Concierge team to receive a more personalized quote.


    CozyKin reserves the right to change our prices at any time without further notice.

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