• Our Nannies Truly Care

    Amazing, skilled childcare professionals join your family when you need care to start.

  • Quality Does Matter

    The research is clear: A quality caregiver makes a huge difference in early brain development. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading to newborns from the first day home. CozyKin partners with experts at MIT and Harvard to bring you the very best in baby childcare and education.

  • Our Nannies Are A Team

    First, we find incredible nannies in Boston and hire them as our employees. Second, we connect them together, so they care for your baby with the knowledge of our whole network.

    Our nannies are phenomenal.

    Hundreds of nannies interviewed. Only the best selected.

    CozyKin searches through all major databases and neighborhood mailing lists to rigorously interview every nanny who comes our way. We have conducted multiple rounds of interviews for hundreds of nannies across dozens of criteria to select only the best caregivers for your baby.


    If we're impressed, we personally contact all references over several years to verify that they are compassionate, reliable, and bring joy to your baby's care every day.

    One loving nanny with the experience of 10

    Team-based care. Always connected.

    CozyKin nannies are always connected to other nannies in our network, so your baby benefits from the experience of the entire team.


    Our nannies are organized in teams and meet monthly, so they can ask questions, get suggestions, share ideas, and provide exceptional care.

    Your baby's first teacher

    Deep attention. Personal care.

    CozyKin nannies carefully observe different aspects of your baby's care and development. Every month, they reflect on their experiences and learn best practices. Your baby gets world-class care from a private teacher who knows her from the beginning.

    A growing collection of Montessori activities

    Child-led learning. Constantly growing.

    CozyKin increases your nanny's repertoire of activities to choose from to keep your baby engaged and constantly learning through a variety of experiences as he grows. This leverages nation-leading Montessori curriculum and best practices in child-led exploration, so that your child grows in social and emotional development, cognitive development, and language and literacy development.

  • We Protect Your Family

    We know your child is the most important thing in your life, and that childcare is a matter of the utmost trust. This is why security is at the heart of everything we do.

    Extensive Background Checks

    • Checked against county, statewide, national, and federal criminal databases
    • Checked against sex offender and terrorist watch lists
    • Review of 7 year address history with SSN validation

    Rigorous Screening & Interviews

    • 30+ minute phone interview
    • 1 hour+ in-person interview
    • Up-to-date immunizations & infant CPR certification
    • Minimum of 2 stellar child care references, specific to infants and toddlers

    Worker's Compensation Insurance

    • Coverage for any injury that might happen to the nanny over the course of the job
  • The Earlier We Start, The Better Your Match

    Your baby is special. Their care should be special as well.

    Leave us your information, and we'll contact you to learn about your childcare needs.

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