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  • 1. Pair with a Family

    CozyKin records your logistical preferences to match you with another family. Once we identify a great partner family for you that matches your preferences, you will meet this family in person. If each family feels the chemistry is right, you will be paired together! If not, we will find another family for you to pair with.

    2. Interview your Nanny

    As your start date for care approaches, we will schedule a time for you to interview one of our highly vetted and trained nannies. You will receive a full profile of this nanny including: CPR & First Aid Certifications, immunizations, background checks, and the nanny’s references. After the interview, if both families agree on the nanny, you will move forward together. If any family has an objection to the candidate, the process is repeated with another nanny.

    3. Experience CozyKin Care Management

    The process of matching with another family and nanny is a small part of what CozyKin does. We manage your care experience and ensure that your child is receiving the best care. Your personal CozyKin representative will be in touch with you every week, and in touch with the nanny everyday. We are committed to incorporating your feedback and adjusting our care to meet your preferences and your child’s needs.

    4. The Best Care, Guaranteed

    If there is ever an issue with your partner family or your nanny, CozyKin guarantees to rematch you accordingly.

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